Van Vicker disappears from location

Notable Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker, who recently was crowned with a Goodwill Ambassador Role with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, following his role in helping to alleviate the pain of the earthquake victims in Haiti may be in for another round of scandal.

An Asaba, Delta State capital based movie producer has raised alarm, accusing the fair-complexioned actor of abandoning his on-going production.

Van Vicker

Vicker, a source said, disappeared without traces last week  while they were shooting for a new film by Chez International Limited, in Asaba.

The handsome actor, whose popularity has soared in the recent times , left for New York last week to receive his Goodwill Ambassador Role crown with the United Nations High Commissions for Refugees. But according to the source, the producer alleged that Van Vicker did not complete his own bargain of the deal before travelling to New York.

Chibueze Ucheama, executive producer of the film, confirmed this ugly development in a telephone conversation with HVP early in the week.

Though Mr. Ucheama said Van Vicker has promised to return to the location  this Saturday (June 6),  he still believes the lover-boy actor has delayed the completion of his production, having signed a contract for which he was paid. The movie is yet to be titled.

‘He travelled last Thursday. I went to see him in his hotel only to discover that he had travelled to America. I called him on phone but he said he was on his way to the embassy. That  he would return to complete the production. Right now, without his presence, we cannot continue the shooting of the film. He has caused a delay in the completion of my production,” Ucheama lamented.

However, industry watchers believe that the Ghanaian actor has a record of delaying productions he’s involved in by always leaving the set to pursue personal ventures and not returning on time to work.

This attitude, according to some keen industry watchers, has been a major cause of anger among producers, despite the soaring popularity of the playboy-actor.

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How Emeka Ike became last GUS celebrity standing

Emeka Ike, the Nollywood star actor, surprised his admirers  and critics alike (even himself) when he beat a strong field of 10 top Nigerian celebrities made up of Funke Akindele, Weird MC, Chioma Chukwuka, Muma Gee, Bob Manuel Udokwu, Daddy Showkey, Darey Art_Alade and Princess to become the first winner of the Gulder Ultimate Search(GUS) Celebrity Showdown.

Inside the expanse, pristine and serene La Campagne Tropicana Resort Lekki, Lagos which hosted the 11 week old GUS Celebrity reality TV show, entertainment buffs, friends and fans of the celebrities gathered last Saturday for the unveiling of the winner of the first GUS Celebrity Showdown.

With Daddy Showkey, Darey Art_Alade and Emeka Ike, the last men standing, the die was cast for the history maker; but unknown to the audience history had already been made earlier in the day as the three contestants had concluded the last task of the reality TV show with a winner already awaiting to be crowned.

Even when the wait which began from 12 noon to about 7pm seems like eternity, there was no dull moment as there was unlimited entertainment from the Sharp Band. The celebrities who had earlier been evicted from the show also took time out to relieve their experiences.

There was also great musical performances by Muma Gee, Weird MC, Obesere, Banky W (who was the MC) and comedy by Princess, the lady with ‘natural airbag.’ There was animated discussion in the audience as who will likely cart home the star prize in the Nigerian Breweries Plc sponsored reality TV show.

The final task was simple but the ultimate task. The host, Genevieve had addressed the three remaining contestants and gave clues on how to find the Golden Goblet buried in the beach sands. They were to dig according to specifications and measured distances to locate the treasure. But first they had to construct a ladder to be able to access the shovel.

Both Showkey and Darey wasted no time in their construction and went straight into action. But Emeka Ike had difficulty as he took quite some time to build the ladder.

Like the saying, “he who laughs last laughs the best,” Emeka soon joined Dare and Showkey measuring his shovel five lengths away from the red flag as directed by the host. Within minutes of digging, just beside Darey, Emeka hit the treasure pot and dragged out the black box containing the Golden Goblet.

Showkey was exasperated. Darey shook in disbelief. Emeka shouted excitedly. With his find, he became N7.5 million richer and went into history books as the first Celebrity to win the GUS Celebrity Showdown.

An elated Emeka later said in an interview that he was happy to be the Last Celebrity Standing. He promised to be a good ambassador of the brand.

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Yes, girls sleep with judges to win beauty pageants -Model Juliet

The silent controversies that trail some beauty pageants all over the globe are of a kind that border on the realm of unspoken outrage.
Many quietly condemn the unprofessional conduct of organizers of numerous beauty pageants who indulge in sexual relations with contestants amidst promises of winning and various unethical assurances, especially by those generally considered bad eggs within the modelling and showbiz industry. Yet many others continue to question the integrity of the yardsticks with which emerging winners are chosen.
However, in this sexually charged script, the task of determining the prey and the predator could prove Herculean especially if the words of a Nigerian model, Juliet Geoffrey, who recently spoke to Stardom comes into reckoning.
The fair-skinned model recently confirmed some of the fears of critics when she revealed that some contestants actually offer themselves to judges hoping to get advantage over others.
“If I must be frank with you, sex exists in beauty pageants. However, it is not peculiar to Nigeria alone. It is also not just limited to the entertainment industry or the showbiz industry. Bribing with sex is also present in banking and other sectors of the society. They all experience it; so it’s not a new thing.”
In this interview, she mentioned an encounter she once had with a “bad egg” in the industry but refused to go into details. She also spoke about her love for the arts, her participation in a pageant organized by the Conscious Women of Africa Initiative, her pet project, how her parents reacted to her passion for the arts and other issues.
Geoffrey describes herself as simple and down to earth. In her words: “I love real things and I love honesty as a virtue. I also love sharing. I love challenges and I learn from them. I love discovering ideas and exploring them.”
She reveals that her love for the arts has always been innate. “I have a passion for it and when I see people on stage, I get excited because that is what I love. I like modelling. I trained myself and spent time watching the likes of Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and others because I know they are good at what they do and I can always learn from them.”
She participated in the Conscious Women of Africa Initiative pageant in Abuja and expressed gratitude to her friend, Gladys Okereke, also a model, who told her about it. “I participated in the pageant and it was really nice. All the contestants were camped at the Nicon Noga Hotel and they took very good care of us. At the end of the day, I was awarded the ‘Most Intelligent’ in the camp. The pageant was just last year, 2009. Besides that, I have also been invited to other pageants to join the panel of judges. In addition, I also coordinate models. I have a company I work with and I happen to be the coordinator. We’ve always been part of the Nigeria Television Fashion Show (NTFS) and we use that platform to showcase our models.” culled from Nollywood gossip

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Makarfi has always enjoyed wearing the toga of a godfather in Kaduna politics. But this self-proclaimed feat was not unexpected. This is moreso that the former governor unilaterally installed Sambo as his predecessor despite fierce opposition from a sizeable number of politicians from Southern Kaduna senatorial district. The district wanted one of its own to take over from Makarfi, in view of a “gentleman’s agreement” they claimed to have entered with him and the state’s People Democratic Party (PDP) that Makarfi would, after his eight years in the saddle, back somebody from the zone, which they accused him of not doing.

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Nigeria’s Acting President Goodluck Jonathan said he has not seen or spoken to ailing President Umaru Yar’Adua since he returned home from hospital in Saudi Arabia two months ago.

Yar’Adua’s health status remains a mystery as the president has not made a public appearance since receiving treatment for a heart ailment last November.

Jonathan, who has assumed executive powers in Yar’Adua’s absence, has quickly asserted his authority by installing a new cabinet and replacing some of Yar’Adua’s key allies.

“He left in the early hours of the 24th of November, then on the 26th we spoke extensively. Since then, we have not really had any sustained discussion,” Jonathan, who is in Washington on his first foreign trip as acting president, told the BBC in a report published on Wednesday.

Asked if he has seen or spoken to Yar’Adua since his return to Nigeria two months ago, Jonathan said “No, I have not.”

Yar’Adua’s inner circle, led by his wife Turai, has allowed select groups of guests to meet the ill leader, including two religious delegations this month.

But Jonathan and the heads of parliament have yet to have their own meeting with the president, reviving concerns of a possible power struggle in sub-Saharan Africa’s second biggest economy.

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Hello world!

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